35646020_10156221880611071_7104138106747486208_oAnishnabe Aki

The Anishnabe Odinewin Camps is a land based language & culture camp for the Algonquin youth, families and its extends its welcoming to all the Anishnabeg of Turtle Island. The Odinewin camps is usually situated near lakes surrounded by thick forest within the La Verendrye Parks and it moves or migrates accordingly to the guidance of the Kokomag & Mishomisag. There is a need to have their camps set up in areas that have no technology, no signal for cell phones and ii is a seasonal camp style settings. An important recommendation given by the established Kokomag Advisory Council. This recommendation and decision made is for the specific intent of fully restoring language, culture, teachings, and ceremony to Algonquin Anishnabeg.

The mission of the camp is to educate the young generation to work with the land through gardening, harvesting medicines, hunting, fishing and to ensure the knowledge of the people is passed on.

The Kokomag Advisory Council also stressed the importance of learning survival skills in times of climate change. This would include getting to know geography of the land, rivers, lakes, trees, medicinal plants, the animals, fishes, migration patterns, measuring time, Anishnabeg ways of science, mathematics, seasons and receiving the star, sky and over all land teachings.

Reconnecting the youth with the Elders on the Land offers a combination of cultural and health renewal.